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Are you looking for pure natural make-up?
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pure, unspoiled and natural ingredients.
Make-up without chemicals, synthetical- color- and fragrance substances, conservers, perfumes, talc, irritating powders like bismuth oxychloryde.

If you prefer a natural look or a make-up witch flaming colors, you are certain to succeed in our webshop. For every occasion, mood, season or personality! The possebillities are realy endless!

Mineral make-up is a make-up made of pure natural minerals. Because of this the products are maintainable for a very long time.
Very suitable for the sensitive skin and the skin with acne, rosacea, couperose.

Minerale make-up is highly waterproof, you can even swim with it! Zincoxide and titaniumdoixide will provide a natural UV protection for your skin. Because the fact that our products don't contain chemical ingredients your skin will remain optimal hydrated and it will feel smooth, soft and clean. You won't even notice that you are wearing make-up.

Also very suitable for the gentlemen to camouflate spots, little scars, stains, pimples etc!


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Our products are NOT tested on animals!!


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