Photo Competition

Win a sample set!

To participate in this contest do the following:


Take one picture without make-up and make another one with your most beautiful MoonMinerals mineral make-up creation.
1 photo without make-up (whole face)
1 photo with make-up (whole face)
Tell us which products and colors you used.


Make sure you have a (quiet) same background for both pictures, use the same lightning and distance from the lens for the best result. This is best for the difference between both photos.
Size of the photo: minimum of 600 x 450 pixels.


Start today!
You can send you pictures until may 1st 2010

Vote and results

From may 1st 2010 you can view the photo's on THIS page. Using a poll on our website we will have our voters choose the most beautiful design.

Prizes to win

There are 3 prizes to win:
1) Sample set (10 samples chosen by you)
2) Sample mineral (7 samples starter)
3) 3 samples of choice

The Winners

At may 20st 2010 the winners will be announced on our website.
Winners will also receive a personal mail.


So hurry and mail your photos’ BEFORE and AFTER  (with and without make-up) to:
(be sure your e-mail adres is working otherwise we can not reach you if you've won)

By sending your photo's you agree with the conditions of this competition.

Conditions for this photo competition

  • By entering this competition the participant allows MoonMinerals Make-Up to publish the photos without any financial compensation and free from reproduction rights on her website.
  • Competitors need to own the copyrights of the sent photo's and dispensate MoonMinerals of every claim by third parties. Stock photo’s are   prohibited and cannot be used.
  • When a photo is published on our site we will put the first name of the competitor below it. MoonMinerals will never publish private data on the website, only your first name.
  • We will announce the names of the winners on our site. The winners will also receive a personal email.
  • The results of the competion cannot be discussed.
  • The prizes consist of one of the following:
    • 1st prize Sample set (10 samples chosen by you)
    • 2nd prize Sample mineral (7 samples starter)
    • 3rd prize 3 samples of your choice
  • MoonMinerals employees are disclosed from this competition.
  • Photo's need to have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.
  • By entering this competion you agree with the terms of this conditions.
  • This conditions may be subject of change. MoonMinerals can change this conditions at will. We advise you to check the conditions at a regular basis.
  • This competion runs till may 20st 2010.


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