Clean your Make-up brushes

Make-up brushes need regular cleaning. Especially if they are used daily it us advisable to clean it once a week.
The leftovers of make-up, cream and grease easily remain in the hair so that bacteria are an excellent breeding ground with all the nasty consequences. Over time this may affect the use of the brushes: they absorb no more make-up or do not work properly.
Also don't use other friend’s brushes and don't give yours to somebody else!
You could get a skin infection, eye infection or a cold sore.
It is very easy to clean the brushes: Take one cup of warm water with baby shampoo, turn your brush into the water and let it froth.
If the water is very dirty repeat this as long as needed until the water runs clear.
Rinse out the brush under cold running water. Once the water has no color or foam, you can stop rinsing.
Dab the brush on a dry piece of kitchen paper. Shake the brush briefly by hand, so it comes back into shape.
Do this carefully to avoid damaging the hair. It is best to leave the brush hanging from the handle to dry.
If you cannot hang it put the brush with the hair upwards in a cup.
(Some brush handles do not tolerate water, so be careful)

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